How to react when someone don’t like your music?

You spent a lot of time on your last track and ten times more to learn how to do it. You are happy with your work. You proudly make it listen to or post your song online and realize that some people don’t like your creation. How to react to this?

Already, we are gregarious animals. This means that we live in a group and for many of us, the opinion of others is very important. We need some validation of our work by our loved ones or by people in general. Many creators also create for other people to offer them a beautiful painting to contemplate, music to dance to or a calm music to relax on. It is completely normal that the disapproval of some of these people could cause you disappointment.

But before you stop everything and uninstall your DAW, ask yourself these two questions:

1 – Is my title technically good enough?
I am not talking about art, style, instruments used or genre, I am talking about pure and hard technique which includes recording, mixing or even mastering. Your title may not please because it is simply poorly mixed and/or poorly recorded. Remember, the people around you are music consumers and they hear professional songs every day. They will surely perceive this lack of technical quality in your title. To solve this problem, you have no other choice than to train yourself in mixing or to rely on someone who knows it better than you. This is something you can fix, so do it!

2 – Is my title evolving enough?
Looping a chorus for 3 minutes may be an interesting idea on paper but it will eventually tire your listener even if this part is really good. Your music must evolve, change, surprise and at the same time take your audience on a journey. This is the reason why the songs are often divided into sections (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc …). If your title is too repetitive, it could be the reason why some people do not like your creation. They are bored listening to him. So, you can think about how to create new sections for your title and make it much more interesting.

Now if your title is properly mixed and it evolves enough then how do you react to people’s disapproval?

Simply by continuing to make your music because here it is only a question of the taste of others and you can do nothing about it. Everyone has their own vision of life and their own truth. Someone who wants to help you progress in music, will tell you clearly what is wrong with your work. So if someone tells you that your music sucks without any other form of explanation, you have to translate it by: “I don’t like your music” and there is no point in arguing. Tastes cannot be discussed.
Also tell yourself that tastes can change from year to year or even from month to month. People who didn’t like your music may start enjoying it, and fans of the first day may no longer like your creations. That’s how it is. You have to accept it.

It is silly to get upset, to judge or to belittle someone who doesn’t like what you do. It is normal to be disappointed or to be in pain. So take a deep breath and calmly tell him that if he doesn’t like it it’s not a problem, that he has the right to have his opinion on your music and get back to work! You will not be able to please everyone because everyone has their own tastes and it’s better like that because, therefore, there will surely be hundreds of others who will love what you do and it is on them that you must focus first.

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