32 tips to begin your musics
and always find inspiration

This book is the result of several years of learning how to compose music, sometimes in joy, sometimes in pain, but always in the desire to progress.

At the beginning of my apprenticeship, my biggest fear was not knowing what to compose during my creation sessions. So, I developed during these years, dozens of tricks to be able to always motivate myself to start my music, even if I was not inspired at all. I have gathered, for you, these tips in this book.

This book is intended for beginners, who are lost in front of the immensity of the possibilities offered by musical creation, but also for more experienced composers who too often find themselves with the white page syndrome or who have the impression of always doing the same thing and going around in circles. I’ve been in these situations many times myself and the good news is that nothing is immutable.

So open this book and start composing!



20 tips to develop your musical style
and be recognizable among a thousand!

The book, which you have in your hands, takes advantage of my years of learning composition and my quest to develop my own musical style.

A style is often an aspect of your work that makes you recognizable. We often think that a style is innate, and that if we don’t have one, then we are doomed to be drowned in the mass of artists without a style of our own.

But a style can be created from scratch if we take the trouble to find one. That’s good because in this book, I offer you some tips to get there and finally stand out from the crowd.

This book is intended for artists who feel like they are like everyone else and would like to bring the little pinch of originality that they lack.

Are you in this case?
Then open this book and find your own style!