What to do if your first musics disappoint you?

One of the most difficult things to deal with when you start creating music is disappointment with our first songs. I know it, I went there.

You spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with the composition tools, do your best to understand this and that in musical creation but in the end something is wrong in your music. It is not up to your expectations.

You thought you were doing the next hit at the height of David Guetta or Calvin Harris and in the end, your title sounds like a bad imitation of series B music. It does not pack you or anyone. You would be almost ashamed of it. Far from you the idea of ​​making it listen to someone around you and even less to strangers. Or, on the contrary, you make it listen while hoping for a little comfort but, in the end, your relatives make the same observation: your title is bland.

At this point, many people give up and never start making music again.

Like any form of physical or artistic practices, your tastes make you want to start but when what you do is not up to what you would like to achieve, it deeply disappoints you and, perhaps, you demotivate also.

But it is precisely at this moment that essential work begins. Not the one to learn how to make music but a more personal work that to dramatize the quality of your first results.

I tell you right now, unless you are a prodigy bathed in musical creation throughout his childhood, your first musics will surely not be so good.

It does not matter, you are learning. So, play down and continue composing as each music you make will be an extra step towards a better one.


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