Why do people think it’s difficult to make music?

Most people think that making music is difficult because they hear a title and say that it must be complicated to do. They see a score and say it’s hard to understand. They see the composer spend whole evenings in his studio or on his instrument to compose. They say that it takes a lot of knowledge to get there.

Actually, making music is not so complicated. It is even rather easy when we have taken the time to understand it.
The music is like the legos: a multitude of bricks (notes, measures, instruments, effects, …) that can be arranged to create its title. This requires a lot of research work. Hundreds of hours spent testing, trying new things, understanding theories, making mistakes and starting over again until it’s perfect.
All of this are only methodology and artistic choices.

At one time, it was actually complicated to make music because everything was to be done and the search was the more difficult. It was also necessary to have musicians to test our ideas, to hear what the scores gave in real life and to know if the choices on paper were interesting in reality.
Because of all this work at this time keep the idea of ​​a certain complexity around the musical creation. The current tools, especially computer, allow to go faster and have a very good idea of ​​what a composition will give in reality but especially to test to infinity.

Yes, making music may seem difficult at first, but like any form of creation, it is only a research work where one pushes the limits ever further.
The good news is that making music is within your reach if you are not afraid to learn, to test, to make mistakes, but above all to start over again and improve yourself.

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